Anthony Bourdain calls Minneapolis an 'unexpected foodie city'

Anthony Bourdain thinks our city is one of the most unexpected "foodie" cities in America.

Anthony Bourdain thinks our city is one of the most unexpected "foodie" cities in America. CNN

Did you know you can chat with Anthony Bourdain on Reddit?

Well, you can. Or you could, on Wednesday, when the renowned chef and TV travel show host did an "ask me anything" on the heavily trafficked website. 

Bourdain's candid appearance there just happened to coincide with the news that the celebrity chef is newly single. (Ladies, take note.)

But the most interesting stuff from Bourdain's AMA wasn't about his love life, but the great food cities on his mind, One commenter asked Bourdain, "What is the most unexpected 'foodie' city in America?"

"Oh," Bourdain replied, "that's a really good question!"

And here's how he answered it:


Nashville, TN; Asheville, NC; Minneapolis, for a very long time had really good food and a lot of great chefs. I think Los Angeles is wildly underrated; it was famous for years and appreciated for its strip mall food, it's Korean and Mexican and Latino food. But man, some of the restaurants that have been opening in the last 10 years are really really good. Everybody knows Seattle and Portland are great.
But yeah, off the top of my head, I'm kinda looking at the South. Charleston, NC, another one. But it's hard to say that these places are underrated. I mean, people are finding out how good they are. There's never been a better time to eat in America, honestly.


Or in Minneapolis, where that "very long time" with "great chefs" continues right up to the present day.

Maybe it's time for Bourdain to revisit? Have we mentioned that he's single?