Another car smashed into Tori 44 this weekend

"Does the filter have the right effect?" owner Jason Dorweiler asked.

"Does the filter have the right effect?" owner Jason Dorweiler asked. Instagram: @ramenlifempls

According to police reports, on Saturday afternoon a vehicle drove into Tori 44 in the Victory neighborhood of north Minneapolis.

Although the driver may have sustained some minor injuries, nobody in the restaurant was hurt, police said.

Owner Jason Dorweiler documented the damage on Instagram:

"We're just trying to work with the city to try to get some barricades set up over there so that this doesn't happen again," he told KARE 11, adding that he was a little nervous to reopen in case it did. 

Seem dramatic? Not really: Another KARE 11 interviewee added that "this has become a major thoroughfare, and at least four times this building has been crashed into since the reconstruction, the building down the street twice, and another building just a month ago."

The second location of St. Paul’s popular pork-free ramen joint Tori Ramen, Tori 44 opened on the corner of Penn and 44th Avenues in April of this year. In July, Tori Ramen and Tori 44 rose to fame when they became the only establishments in the Twin Cities to serve noodles made in-house.

Despite the damage (and safety concerns), Tori 44 carried on with business as usual: They remained open Sunday.