Anoka Will Get Its First Craft Brewery and Taproom This Summer

Owners Jesse and Ashley Hauf

Owners Jesse and Ashley Hauf

Breweries don't just serve beer, they serve a bit of local culture. 10K Brewing is getting ready to bring their "Nice Beer, Nice People" motto to downtown Anoka as the city's first brewery. The name refers, of course, to the Land of 10,000 Lakes where nice people and nice beer abound.

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Founded by brother/sister team Jesse and Ashley Hauf, 10K Brewing is slated to open this July. The duo worked with the city to update codes allowing for breweries and growler sales. They'll start small, brewing in a 3 bbl system for taproom only sales, and plan to grow from there.

Jesse, a homebrewer, will focus the beer line-up on traditional brewing with doses of experimentation, and Ashley will perform marketing duties and taproom planning. Four beers currently listed on their website include 10K IPA, Hazelnut Porter, Northern Blonde, and Oatmeal Rye Strong Pale Ale.

The brewery building is over 130 years old and 10K is renovating to restore the original feel. "We have found original brick walls and hardwood floors so we are going towards a 'rustic industrial' look," Ashley says of the motif inside, "with 15 foot ceilings, exposed beams, and brick."

With promises of a "chilled out and fun" atmosphere, 10K will provide bingo, trivia, music, board games, and more, all while giving Anoka residents a local beer option. They are also planning to sell craft sodas for families and non-drinkers. There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to help fund taproom development.


Once settled, 10K will begin distributing kegs to local bars and perhaps expand to a second site if production demands it. "The 3-5 year plan is to open a second location and upgrade to a much larger brew system and do bottling and distribution," says Ashley.

Construction and licensing pending, 10K aims to be pouring pints in early July.

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