Anniversary dinner, maybe Italian, in Minneapolis?

@touchof_flair asks: Looking for a place to celebrate an anniversary in Minneapolis, any thoughts? Maybe Italian?

If we stick with Italian, just to narrow things down, there are still perhaps too many options to choose from within the city limits.

So it got me thinking, just as an anniversary dinner is different than a business dinner or dinner with the fam, it's also different from a run-of-the-mill date night, and here's how: You've been together long enough (at least a year, right?) that you've covered all the usual getting-to-know-you conversations, so a place to talk isn't your main priority. No, this is one night out of 365 to take your sweetie out on the town and show off him or her.

That's why I'd recommend the lively, see-and-be-seen scene at Bar La Grassa in the Warehouse District, which has the same energy as downtown but is easier to park.

The food's also quite good. Have a few small pastas--definitely the gnocchi with cauliflower and orange--because they're good for sharing, as are the St. Louis pork ribs. Also, if you're not allergic and you can spare the cash, splurge on lobster for the occasion. The beguiling lobster linguine with chili and mint isn't on the menu anymore, unfortunately, but the lobster and soft eggs bruschetta would be a nice alternative.

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