Animales as 'McDonald's' for Halloween looks shockingly convincing

Animales Barbecue Co.'s Halloween "costume" looks much more delicious than yours.

Animales Barbecue Co.'s Halloween "costume" looks much more delicious than yours. @jonwiplfli/Instagram

Unless you're actively pursuing gout, Animales Barbecue Co. is an occasional treat.

For owner Jon Wipfli and his team, it's a routine.

"We do a lot of the same stuff over and over," Wipfli says, "so we were looking for something new to do."

Halloween's everyone else's excuse for makeup, wigs, and ridiculous costumes. Why can't a food truck play along?

Tonight and tonight only, the truck parked outside Able Brewing in Northeast is getting a head-to-toe makeover as McDonald's—or "McJonald's," as its temporary sign will read.

Cooks will round out the look with official McDonald's gear, including shirts and visors. Squint, and the only difference you'll notice is how much better the food tastes.

Wipfli says they're not so much trying to "knock off" the ubiquitous burger chain as to dress up like it for a night. The crew has been testing "Big Macs" and "Quarter Pounders" in the run-up to the debut, and Wipfli is, if anything, a little too enamored with the results. 

"They're awesome," he says of the burgers. "I can't stop eating them. I'm craving them."

Beef patties from Peterson Craftsman Meats (which also sources Animales' beef for 'cueing) will be paired with a "special sauce" of buttery mustard sauce, mayo, and adobo. Those looking beyond burgers can try a "McMuffin" or (of course!) a "McRib" sandwich. Sides include some suspiciously familiar-looking fries. 

Asked about any issues with grease-stained trademarks, Wipfli's not overly concerned about hearing from the burger behemoth. 

"We're not trying to piss anyone off," he says. "Sometimes food gets taken so seriously. We're just trying to have some fun."

The good times kick off around 5 p.m. tonight, with service while supplies last. Try to get there early.

Because forget goblins, ghouls, and your Sexy Rudy Giuliani costumes: The only thing Wipfli's afraid of is a zombie army of burger fans who show up too late.

"We ordered a ton for this," he says. "But based on the response it's getting, we're a little worried it's not enough."