Andy Faris: Taste of Minnesota bankruptcy not just my fault

We ran a story this morning on the factors that led to the big debacle that was this year's Taste of Minnesota, explaining that many people blame event financier Andy Faris.

But Faris, who was hesitant to share the details of what went wrong for the first story because of the pending involuntary bankruptcy case, called City Pages today to say that the whole mess wasn't his fault alone.

"There were a number of people involved," Faris said. "Yes, I was the point person, and I helped provide vision. But I also relied on a ton of people who had been in the industry to help with that vision.

So it just wasn't just one person. I understand the end result, that people want to blame it on one person. But we made plans, we presented those plans--including to the City, that's my point, including to the City. And it was an unspoken or unwritten--it was an understanding--that they were expecting to see bigger and better improvements. And that did not help us in terms of the budgeting here. Particularly on a bad year, with bad weather.

"So if you want to call it a gamble, then call it a gamble. I think it was understood and expected of this event, by sponsors, organizers, everybody, that we were expanding it and making bigger and better."

In October, Faris sent a letter explaining that his company had folded, and that there was no money to pay what was owed--a debt that attorney Sam Stern says totals $1 million.

Today, 19 more businesses joined the involuntary bankruptcy petition against International Event Management, LLC, the company run by Faris and his business partners, Terry Moore and Dan Hare. Here's a partial list of some of the people who filed today, all of them looking to be paid back for labor costs:

  • Anita Evans-Young, $1,628
  • Scott Dalglish, $2,700
  • Steve Dalglish, $1,940
  • Donald Glasglow, $2,582
  • Peter Lou, $931
  • Dave Ward, $1,232
  • Kyle Gallahue, $1,182

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