Andrew Zimmern's Quarterly is like Birchbox for "Bizarre" devotees

Zim and vinegar, and probably some other stuff too
Zim and vinegar, and probably some other stuff too

Maybe you've never dreamed of dining exactly like Andrew Zimmern, at least not the meals that consist of durian, the heart of a live frog, or stinky tofu, but a new subscription-based service called Quarterly is allowing fans to get a little closer to living like him.

Here's the scoop.

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If you're familiar with Birchbox, a company that creates personalized mystery boxes of beauty samples and mails them to subscribing customers, Quarterly operates with a similar model. The main difference is that instead of subscribing to a particular brand or skin type, you subscribe to a person whose taste or lifestyle you admire. Quarterly picks influential tastemakers from all different backgrounds to curate the packages, and it seems our most intrepid local food forager is one of them.

Since the whole point of the service is that you have to subscribe to know exactly what you'll get, Zimmern keeps his promises vague on the Quarterly website, saying:

I love food. What I love even more is food with a story. Through my journeys on Bizarre Foods, I've experienced a wide range of rich cultures, foods, and culinary techniques. I'm thrilled to share those stories and flavors from the road with you. I'm obsessed with technology (gotta stay in touch with Mrs. Z and my son while I'm out of town!), so expect some apps, gadgets and tools that make living out of a suitcase easier. And since I am such a huge pop culture geek and a kid at heart, there's bound to be a few weird odds and ends thrown in, just for fun.

The subscription costs $50 a month (others, like the one from style expert Nina Garcia, are $100) and the first box curated by Zimmern ships in four weeks. Here's more info on how the service works in case you're interested in getting a box of Zimmern-styled bizarre and beautiful items. 

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