Andrew Zimmern reveals some of his Minnesota State Fair food favorites

Andrew Zimmern reveals some of his Minnesota State Fair food favorites

Chef Andrew Zimmern is infamous for his stomach of steel and affinity for, well, bizarre foods.

However, in a recent blog post, he revealed that his taste for traditional State Fair fare is just as strong as ever. While he mentioned the usual suspects -- mini donuts, foot-long hot dogs, and french fries -- there were a few foods that stood out on his list.

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Here's what Zimmern had to say about the Italian-inspired eats at Gizmo:

If I could pick only one state fair food, this would be it. Ground beef and Italian sausage covered in their secret red sauce and seasonings, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and served on a delicious toasted Italian roll. It's like an Italian sandwich torpedo.

Zimmern sang praises for the delightfully crunchy, fried Cajun pork skins Famous Dave's fair booth.

He also mentioned a cool (literally) twist on an old fair favorite: popcorn. Blue Moon Dine-In Theater is dipping their carmel corn into liquid nitrogen for a snack perfect on a scorcher. (You might remember this spot won rave reviews, including our award for Best State Fair Food, for its sweet corn ice cream last year.)

To see all of Zimmern's must-eats at the State Fair, visit his blog.

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