An app-happy hour of the week at Mission American Kitchen

Just off Seventh Street...

Just off Seventh Street...

Mission American Kitchen
77 S. Seventh St., Minneapolis

Hours and details:
Monday-Friday, 4-6 p.m.
$3.50 tap beers
1/2 off all appetizers on bar menu

Is this former "hot" spot worth a downtown post-work tipple anymore?


We all know good old Mission American Kitchen. It's that IDS indoor courtyard-adjacent bar-restaurant with the no-nonsense upscale look that services parties of businessfolk and feeds out-of-town conventioneers who stumble in. But when not hosting a corporate mixer, it's fairly quiet and forgotten, a shell of it's former fancy chef past. Nonetheless, the patio is great for downtown people-watching and the bar is cool and pleasant, what with that gimmicky-but-still-kinda-rad icy path where you can set your drink.

While by no means a palace of haute dining or cocktails, the genius of this happy hour is that it hits on Mission's strengths, keeping the deals straightforward and simple. This is a weekday deal on tap beers and appetizers, and if that's what you seek, you will be sated. The beers include everything from 1919 Draft Root Beer to a couple of Bell's options plus Michelob Golden Light for those dietary friends we all have. The starters are equally diverse--we're talking homemade potato chips with chive sour cream ($6 regularly/$3 at hh) and braised pulled pork mini sandwiches with onion rings ($7/$3.50) or Kalbi beef shortribs ($12/$6) and chili-infused steamed mussels ($13/$6.50). It's a fairly decent bit of nosh with many choices and the beer to go with it. You could do a lot worse post-cubicle than to hit up this joint.