Ample Time at Nightingale: A smooth sailing drink of the week

Linger over this sophisticated rye cocktail at Nightingale
Linger over this sophisticated rye cocktail at Nightingale
Kelly Moritz

Ample Time Nightingale $8

Schedules, "honey-do" lists, appointments to keep -- days could go by this way, no relief in sight. Pencil in some R&R at Nightingale, with its rich navy and brass details inviting you to claim some leisure time, captain of your own ship for a stolen hour or two. Indulge in plate after plate of casually elegant food, and savor the Ample Time, a spicy, warming rye-based rocks drink from an elevated yet wholly approachable collection of cocktails.

Ample Time is sweet but not cloyingly so, a balanced drink that tastes of the frigid moment, while hinting at spring. A burst of Domaine de Canton liqueur kicks through the formidable Bulleit Rye, ginger freshening the palate, making way for a festive, fruity shot of Mathilde Poire, to be lapped up while it's still chilly enough for pear to feel seasonally appropriate. Wrapping things up with just the right amount of bitterness is a blush of Campari, putting the sweeter elements in check.

This is not a drink to be rushed, though the easy-sipping combination of quality liquors make this a dangerously easy cocktail to put back. Like most things at Nightingale, the Ample Time is a well-designed respite from the grind and hustle of the outside world, and a chance to savor something richer than the price tag suggests. Idle, cruise, maybe stay for two, with no place else to be.

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