Amore Victoria combines oatmeal-infused whiskey and maple syrup in a perfect winter drink

Breakfast in Vermont

Amore Victoria
1601 W. Lake St., Minneapolis

The first snow has fallen and the fresh chill demands drinks with brown, warming liquors. To satisfy that urge, glide into Amore Victoria, sit at the darkly lit bar, and ask bartender Shawn Jones for something seasonal. He'll probably suggest a Breakfast in Vermont. And if you're smart, you'll acquiesce. It's strong, slightly sweet, and suits November to a tee.

Curious to know what he puts in this cozy cocktail that would be perfect for Thanksgiving brunch?  Read on to find out.

The Breakfast in Vermont is a fab combo of oatmeal- and vanilla bean-infused whiskey mixed with pure maple syrup and two kinds of bitters--a blackstrap bitter made by former Town Talk Diner mixologist Nick Kosevich's company Bittercube and an "old-fashioned" classic aromatic. The maple syrup helps the drink go down easy but isn't cloying when paired with the bitters and whiskey. We imagine it would be amazing both with a plate of pancakes or as the perfect nightcap after a long, cold evening out. Either way, it demands that you slow down and appreciate each sip.

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