Amazon Prime Now, Surdyk's team up to get you drunk by this afternoon

Surdyk's and Amazon Prime: If you were home, you'd be here already.

Surdyk's and Amazon Prime: If you were home, you'd be here already. Star Tribune

Go home. Stand up from your desk and announce you cannot make that meeting.

You're suddenly ill.  You left the... dishwasher on. Someone in your family has died, or come back to life. Gotta go.

For, the rest of your afternoon shall be dedicated to taking full advantage of the new frighteningly fast delivery service from Surdyk's Liquor and Cheese Shop. As of today, the beloved northeast Minneapolis wine shop is joining forces with Amazon to get you your booze really, really fast.

How fast? Your beer/wine/liquor (sorry! No cheese!) will arrive in two hours' time, if you're a member of Amazon Prime. Upgrade for $8 and they'll get it to you in one hour.

That leaves so much more of the afternoon for the drinking part! 

Though it just launched this morning, Amazon's Surdyk's store is already citing "popular" items for the local anti-liver delivery market: Tin Whiskers IPAs, Summit EPAs, and Surly Benders all show up there. Those you can get at any bar or booze bin. 

The real attraction at Surdyk's is its imported and rare liquids. Need some Ancho Reyes Chilli Liquer ($32.99)? Or the Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling ($44.99)? Hof Ten Project Dark Ale, straight from old Belgium ($18.99)? Then you need Surdyk's. And some money in your account.

As the Business Journal points out, you already could get Surdyk's delivered, either through the store's own service, or through the BiteSquad service, which, at present, estimates about an hour for delivery. Both charge a small fee, with tip generally expected, especially if you've already had a couple. But neither of those involves robots and drones, like Amazon, so, probably not as cool.

Enjoy, you fortunate few Amazon Primers with expendable money, high-speed internet, and a taste for the good life. We'll see you Monday. 

Correction: This post originally suggested you get some cheese delivered. You cannot get cheese. Fine, who needs it?