Almond Bubble Tea from Pham's Deli soothes the holiday hurries

Mmmmmm almond bubble tea

Mmmmmm almond bubble tea

Almond Bubble Tea


Pham's Deli - Midtown Global Market

920 East Lake St., Minneapolis


It's the run up to that turkey- and family-heavy holiday. You know the one. If you're not hurriedly packing to catch a flight, then you're running out to the store to pick up mini-marshmallows or a bag large enough to brine a bird in.

Want to relax--and even smile a bit--in the midst of all this? We recommend a trip to Pham's Deli at the Midtown Global Market. The almond bubble tea is a silky mix of freshly brewed black tea, milk, almond flavor, and sweetener, placed over tapioca pearls. A fat straw finishes the drink, allowing the chewy beads a safe trip up to your waiting mouth.

The soothing combo of milk, tea, and almond reminds us of soft childhood puddings and cereals. And, although we hate to admit it, the tapioca's texture makes us chuckle. The bubble tea is a good foil for the many spicy meal choices available at the market, keeping the heat at bay. This smoothie even has a gentle caffeine boost to get you through the rest of your day.

Once you've got the almond (or green tea, banana, chai, or other flavor) bubble tea in hand, find a seat, relax for a moment, and suck in the sweet, chilled, and chewy beverage. All you have to remember now is to get your parking validated before you leave the Midtown Global Market.