All Gluten-Free Sassy Spoon Is a Blessing for Celiac Sufferers

A gluten-free sweet potato hash from Sassy Spoon

A gluten-free sweet potato hash from Sassy Spoon

"I've had people tell me that when they bring their kids in and they ask: 'Mom, what can I have?' and then the mom says, 'Anything you want,' it actually brings tears to their eyes.'"

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Chef/owner Tamara Brown does not herself suffer from Celiac disease, the disorder that can cause serious gastrointestinal distress and health problems for people who are diagnosed with it. She is, however a former nutritionist and chooses to eschew gluten and processed grains from her menu in favor of a more whole-foods diet -- meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and legumes are all on the menu, but refined carbohydrates are not.

The only other local restaurant menu currently abstaining from all gluten is Ecopolitan, and their menu is all raw.

The Celiac Center of Minnesota has endorsed the weeks-old cafe, making mention that they're even serving gluten-free crepes as well as locally sourced proteins, clean fats, and plentiful portions of healthy vegetables.

On May 16 and 17 a national Gluten Free Food Allergy Festival will betaking place at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and Brown hopes to be a helpful resource to visiting diners as well as locals who need to be assured that gluten does not come in contact with their meal.

Gluten-free sweet treats at Sassy Spoon

Gluten-free sweet treats at Sassy Spoon

And the chefs have been tinkering with lots of sweet treats that might appeal to little ones, including a chocolate molten cupcake with caramel and whipped cream.

Sassy Spoon 5011 34th Ave., S. Minneapolis 612-886-1793

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