Aldi is moving to a more organic and natural format

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Wikipedia Commons

If you're a choosy, health-conscious shopper who tends to think that budget big-box Aldi is not the place for you, think again. The longtime favorite of money-wise shoppers has just announced that it will seriously increase its stake in organics and antibiotic- and hormone-free dairy and meats. It will also start removing some artificial ingredients from its products, says Business Insider.

And start looking for more premium products, like artisanal cheeses, quinoa, and smoked salmon. Aldi keeps its prices about 30 percent lower than even Walmart by selling mostly private-label items, limiting merchandising and customer service, and keeping a skeleton staff. The move toward more natural products will be in direct competition with Whole Foods' lower-cost chain, 365 By Whole Foods Market, which is set to launch in 2016. 


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