Al Franken and David Letterman dropped by St. Paul's Afro Deli


From left: Senate page Muna Abdullahi, Sen. Al Franken, Afro Deli owner Abdirahman Kahin, David Letterman, and Afro Deli executive chef Moussa Doualeh are all smiles. Afro Deli Facebook

A senator and a comedian walk into a St. Paul deli...

Okay, maybe not the best set-up. But the punchline is pretty cool: Al Franken and David Letterman actually were at St. Paul's Afro Deli this weekend. The two were in town shooting an episode of Letterman's new Netflix docu-series, according to the Star Tribune.

“We love when old friends bring new ones,” Afro Deli said in the caption to the above photo, which they posted to Facebook on Friday evening.

Franken is a noted fan of Afro Deli and has sung Somali-born owner Abdirahman Kahin's praises before. When Kahin joined President Barack Obama at the State of the Union Address, the senator said that "for over five years, Afro Deli has introduced Minnesotans to delicious African and Mediterranean cuisine with an American twist, and its success is a testament to Abdirahman's entrepreneurship." 

(We're fans, too -- the deli was City Pages' best-kept secret in the Twin Cities last year.) 

If you didn't take his (or our) word for it then, it just might be high time you stopped by. Afro Deli is located at 5 W. Seventh Pl. in St. Paul, or, on the other side of the Twin Cities, at 720 Washington Ave. SE in Minneapolis. 

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