Airport food "spotty" say health department records

USA Today's been hitting the food safety beat hard lately. First, it went after school food, and now it's set its sights on airports. Could the paper be inching its way up in credibility? Among its findings:

More than 40 percent of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's reviewed restaurants had at least one "critical" health and safety violation. And more than 75 percent of those reviewed at D.C.'s Reagan National Airport did. Among the grosser overall revelations:

Inspectors found rat droppings or rodent issues at least 12 times from October 2008 through March at Atlanta's airport. At JFK International Airport in New York City, at least 11 citations were issued for mice from October 2008 through August.

Predictably, the "grab-and-go" sandwich was isolated as a particularly risky airport dining choice. If you aren't already turned off by wilted lettuce and monoflavor of them, maybe the threat of salmonella or E.coli will ward you off now.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport was not among the 10 investigated by the paper.

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