Agave Punch at Haute Dish: Say "get lost" to winter with this drink of the week

Haute Dish's Agave Punch packs a wallop of tequila in a smooth citrus sipper
Haute Dish's Agave Punch packs a wallop of tequila in a smooth citrus sipper
Kelly Moritz

Agave Punch
Haute Dish

Let's take five on winter. No, make it 20. Let's say basta to wintry warmers and cocktails that come in mugs, at least for one night. Bring on the citrus, the aged tequila, the sun-kissed sweet-tartness of Agave Punch, sipped while lounging against Haute Dish's polished wooden bar. Forgo that microbrewed chocolate porter or hand-selected whiskey flight, resisting all things seasonally appropriate and classically Minnesotan, for this refreshingly unobvious margarita with a cold-weather twist.

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Blended with Milagro Reposado, the Agave Punch bursts with sour citrus and a healthy tequila bite, rounded out by the mellow sweetness of its namesake nectar. Once poured, the cocktail looks wholly unremarkable, no different from any number of fruity martinis with frou-frou names, but don't reach for it just yet. A healthy drizzle of ruby port elevates this standard melding of citrus and tequila from one note to fruity punch harmony before your eyes.

Crimson droplets of fortified wine melt into the punch, lending a bold, bracing depth of flavor to this otherwise tropical-tasting tipple. Fruit to refresh, triple-distilled tequila to thaw the deepest of chills, and a swirl of ruby port make up a mouthful of punch the way it should be: good ingredients, well-mixed, with the end result more satisfying than the sum of its parts.

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Haute Dish

119 Washington Ave. N.
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