After years of roaming, Reverie finds a home in Powderhorn

Though it will stay, the big blue truck won't be Reverie's everything for much longer…

Though it will stay, the big blue truck won't be Reverie's everything for much longer… Lauren Carter

It’s no secret to anyone around town that Reverie, the former hybrid cafe-venue once located at the corner of Franklin and Nicollet, spent the last two seasons slinging delectable plant-based fare from inside a food truck. Their cheery big blue rig has roamed far and wide—anywhere from last weekend’s VegFest to the MayDay Parade, weekday downtown streets to Northern Spark and beyond. 

But only now, after literal years of searching, has Reverie once again found a home to settle into. Come mid-November, the plant-based street food gurus will once again be found in south Minneapolis, this time in the Powderhorn neighborhood at 1517 E. 35th St.

Reverie’s Kirstin Wiegmann is, to put it mildly, pumped. “It’s our first full kitchen!” Even at the former location on Eat Street they’d eked out their goods using a convection oven, a panini press, and a partial line—but it had no proper hooded ventilation or a grill. And the truck is… a truck.

Wiegmann says that in comparison to the restaurant’s old days (and certainly the present), “the menu’s going to be a real expansion. There’ll be a lot of stuff coming back from the old place, so people shouldn’t be afraid they won’t be able to get the biscuits or whatever, but we’re also adding a lot of new items, ramping up our game.”

Ultimately, it’ll look like full lunch, dinner, and brunch menus as well as beer, wine, kombucha, coffee, and other specialty drinks.

Preview (artist's rendering) of Reverie's future home in Powderhorn

Preview (artist's rendering) of Reverie's future home in Powderhorn Courtesy Reverie

Also, their neighbors and landlord at the new spot are awesome. “I think one thing that’s really, really cool about this space is actually the stuff that’s already going on there,” gushes Wiegmann. 

To one side is Modus Locus Gallery, while their other neighbor is a community-driven art garden where artists repaint the walls on a monthly basis throughout the summer, interspersed with cool events.

“It’s got this incredible artist-focused community vibe going on," says Wiegmann, "so we’re really excited because that’s the stuff we really care about—supporting local artists, making that space for them.”

To help execute their vision of integrating into the existing space and community to the fullest, Reverie launched a crowdfunding campaign with rewards for donors that seem genuinely investment-worthy. Wiegmann says the funds gathered from this leg of the journey to stability will go to executing their vision to the next level—like preserving the space’s original mahogany bar, and installing a giant front window for prime natural light (which will be much appreciated during winter when daylight is oh-so-precious). As of press time, Reverie had already raised nearly 80 percent of their goal, though the campaign runs for another month.

City Pages will be back with all of Reverie’s opening-day details as soon as they’re made available. Until then, look for their food truck on roads through late October.


Reverie Cafe + Bar 
1517 E. 35th St., Minneapolis