After Darkness Day It's Lights Out at the Surly Taproom


Bring out the bugle: It's time to play taps for Surly's taproom.

For the time being, the local star brewery will be without a watering hole, as its taproom in Brooklyn Center closes -- a step that signals the brewery's big plans for a new brewery in Minneapolis are well underway. The final chance to visit the space will be on Darkness Day, October 25.

While the closing will create a dry spell for Surly Nation citizens desperate to get some rare cask offerings, it's also a step forward in the company's growth. The Brooklyn Center space was an add-on to the original brewery, meant to be temporary until the new site opens in 2015. State law allows only one taproom per company, and while production will continue in Brooklyn Center, the public face of the company will be located at the Minneapolis location.

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"This isn't a goodbye, it's a 'see you later,'" says Linda Haug, head of restaurant operations at Surly. "The Brooklyn Center taproom has been a great dress rehearsal for our staff and our systems, but the destination brewery is nearing completion, so it's time for us to focus our efforts on getting the new taproom/beer hall up and running."

For the next two weeks it will remain business as usual, with the taproom open Wednesday through Sunday, with special casks, limited edition beers such as Devil's Work and Cultivate saison, and food trucks on the weekends.


The new taproom is expected to open "in a couple of months," says Haug, in early 2015. The new brewery will also feature a restaurant led by chef Jorge Guzman and an event center.

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