After 20 years, The Herkimer calls it quits in Lyn-Lake

Pour one out for the Twin Cities' greatest Packer Bar.

Pour one out for the Twin Cities' greatest Packer Bar. The Herkimer / Instagram

On Sunday evening, Minneapolis’s staunchest Packer bar, The Herkimer Pub and Brewery, announced that they’ll be throwing in the towel this week, after 20 years in business.

(They did not appoint a successor to the cheesehead throne, which could get ugly.)

“We know The Herkimer has been a second home to SO many of us over the years, and we are extremely sad that our time with you is coming to an end,” wrote the establishment's team, who thanked "our phenomenal guests and fiercely loyal staff," who were praised for evolving along with the Uptown and Lyn-Lake neighborhoods over the decades.

News of the impending closure follows just days after word spread that Fuji-Ya, yet another Lyn-Lake institution, had shuttered and was on the market.

The Herkimer's statement tackled the pandemic’s role in its impending closure head-on. “The industry is so uncertain right now and we’re simply unsure how we would be able to navigate these times with confidence, knowing there is so much more uncertainty to come,” they wrote. “Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, it had become increasingly apparent that the evolving character of the industry was becoming less able to sustain a neighborhood pub like us."

Though there's no saving The Herkimer now, all eyes turn to owner Blake Richardson's other nearby dining operation: Moto-i. Based on the grand reopening of its rooftop patio just last week, coupled with the magnanimous gesture of donating 50 percent of to-go bottled sake sales to Black Visions Collective, things there seem to be operating as normally as possible in the year 2020.

Back at the Herk, it's not all doom and gloom, though. Fans of their solid jukebox and fries have until Wednesday of this week to bid adieu. Also available? "Years!" of branded glassware for sale, into which they'll be pouring three final house-brews up until the very last. 

Find The Herkimer's full closing statement below, and sneak in one last masked, socially distanced visit before Wednesday, June 24 at midnight.