Aebleskiver breakfast and Mother's Day brunch at the Danish American Center

"These are like the perfect marriage of a pancake and a doughnut hole," said my dining companion, splitting open her fifth or sixth or seventh (it's hard to keep track at an all-you-can-eat affair) aebleskiver, the spherical Danish breakfast food that is sometimes referred to more simply as a pancake ball. 

On the third Sunday of every month, volunteers from the Danish American Center on West River Parkway (just a stone's throw from Longfellow Grill) get together to host an aebleskiver breakfast. They're also hosting a special one for Mother's Day. For just $8, you can drop in and enjoy endless aebeleskivers, silver dollar pancakes, coffee, juice, and the delightful homemade breakfast sausage, among your new Danish (and non-Danish) friends and neighbors. 

Guests are seated together, family-style, which is very helpful if you're new to the world of aebleskivers. Everyone seemed to have their own way of eating them, but the kids at our table allowed us to observe that their preferred method was to split the balls open and sprinkle in a spoonful of regular ol' granulated sugar. A more traditional way to serve and eat the aebleskivers is with some sort of fruit jam.

These monthly aebleskiver breakfasts go on hiatus over the summer but are replaced by other special events, including a Mother's Day brunch this Sunday, May 13, beginning at 9:30 a.m. The meal includes a selection of Danish pastries, fresh fruit, cheese, an egg bake, and aebleskivers. It's $11 for adults, $6 for kids, and children under the age of 5 eat free.

And for the true aebleskiver fanatic, every year during the fourth weekend in July the town of Tyler in southwestern Minnesota hosts Aebleskiver Days, a full weekend festival that honors Danish food and traditions.

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Danish American Center

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