Adorable, light-up, crazy-flavored cotton candy is coming to St. Paul


Is there any confection as ethereal as cotton candy? A floof of the stuff in your hands is like holding onto a delicious, sugary cloud.

And Soktevy “Tevy” Phann-Smith is making cotton candy even more delicious. Yes, it’s possible.

Phann-Smith’s gourmet cotton candy business, Spinning Wylde, got its start at her niece’s birthday party. There, she served up flavors inspired by her Cambodian roots: amarind, sriracha, coconut. Struck by the delighted reception to her treats, Phann-Smith decided to play around further, exploring more flavors and removing as many artificial ingredients from the cotton candy as possible.

Her hard work has paid off. Not only was she selected to host a stand at last year’s Little Mekong Night Market, she was a vendor at the North Local Market during the Super Bowl, and she recently wrapped up a successful pop-up at the Mall of America.

Phann-Smith’s signature light-up unicorn glow cones were a major hit at the Night Market, and flavors at the pop-up included green tea cheesecake, milk & cereal, honey rose, blueberry yuzu, and many, many more. The menu is staggeringly, tantalizingly long. (How does mojito or lychee guava cotton candy sound?)

Spinning Wylde is set to open in St. Paul’s Keg & Case Market, and Phann-Smith has a Kickstarter going until June 22 to raise funds for the build-out of the space.

Tevy (right) Spins Wylde with her husband Ben (left).

Tevy (right) Spins Wylde with her husband Ben (left).

“It is an honor to contribute to the preservation of such a beautiful and historic landmark. This feels like a natural step, as I have very special ties to the area,” says Phann-Smith in a statement. “After my family escaped genocide in Cambodia, St. Paul is where we first made a home in America back in 1982. In growing the business and laying roots, it seems fitting that Spinning Wylde is also finding its first home here.”

Keep exploring the shop’s Instagram, and you’ll see images of pure delight. With cotton candy in your hands, it’s hard not to smile. In the time it takes to eat a cloud, you’ll remember that good things exist, and they can be joyful and silly.

“Our goal is just to bring a little fun and whimsy into people’s lives,” says Phann-Smith. “That’s why ‘spinning out smiles’ is our slogan. We’re just so happy to be sharing our joy with others!”