Add a Robust Summit 3X Mild Ale to the Thanksgiving Menu

What's a good beer to pair with a traditional turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and the works? Look no further than the brand new Union Series offering from Summit, the 3X Mild Ale. This beer is a throwback to a 19th-century recipe, touched up with modern ingredients by head brewer Damian McConn.

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The 3X pours amber with a big, soft head that coats the glass. It's a malt-forward beer, and since Summit is brewing old recipes with modern ingredients for the Union Series, it's a new Expedition malt.

The aroma comes across as a roasted malt with a touch of spice. The beer itself features a softer complexion where the roasted quality comes through as complementary to the grain flavor and adds a sweet toffee finish. The flavors within the beer are subtle and never overpower. It's very smooth and highly carbonated, with a clean mouthfeel that makes it suitable for Thanksgiving, even after one too many pieces of pumpkin pie.

"This beer is robust and full-bodied," says McConn. "It would really shine with ham, beef, or even game such as pheasant or grouse. So perhaps cellar a few bottles for the Christmas celebration."

The beer is just hitting stores and draft lines now, including on tap at Spoon and Stable, Grumpy's NE, Stanley's NE, Keegan's, and Muddy Pig in St. Paul, and in stores Big Top Liquor and Liquor Village.

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