Adam Carolla eats "white people food" at Kramarczuk's Deli

Adam Carolla really likes Midwestern cuisine -- or, as he calls it, "white people food," which is apparently a scarcity in Los Angeles.

So on a recent trip to Minneapolis, Carolla made a stop at Kramarczuk's Deli on Hennepin Avenue, our local "Polish joint."

It sounds like he wasn't disappointed. From a podcast of Carolla's radio show:

Carolla: We didn't realize it was, like, cafeteria style, where just all the sudden you walk in, and you're just in line, and you're holding a tray. And we're starting to panic, because we're waiting for someone to come to our table and order and shit like that, and that's not how it works.

Co-host: Like a St. Pauli girl?

Carolla: Yeah, we had one of those working behind the counter, like this hot Polish chick, and I couldn't understand a fucking word she was saying, but she was hot.

And it's funny, we're standing in line, and we're behind, as luck would have it, a big fat couple. Like, fat woman, fat dude. And I said, "What should we go for," and she's like, "Just get the combination. Just get the combination platter, that's all you need, and you'll be taking some of it home."

And I said, "Are you sure about that?" And she said -- that's the place we're at, uh I don't know, Kramakaras? I can't even fucking pronounce it, that's the good news.

It was just a crazy place. And the thing that was funny is, I say to that fat couple, so I go, "So are you sure about this call? Because we're all going in." And the chick literally goes, "Look at us," and I went, "Yeah."

This might not be exactly how we want to be known by the rest of the country, but it's certainly a good endorsement for the Twin Cities food scene. Listen to the full podcast here.

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Kramarczuk East European Deli

215 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55413


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