Acadia Cafe vs. the Wienery in a black bean burger brawl

Acadia vs. Wienery
Acadia vs. Wienery

May is Hamburger Month. "Says who?" you ask?  Who cares?  Who doesn't love a good burger?

While people who don't eat red meat might think they fit into that category, the local food scene indicates otherwise.  With restaurants around the metro offering cow-less alternatives, the Twin Cities has a host of options for those who recoil at the thought of munching on things that moo--or for foodies looking for something different.

This month, the Hot Dish will be sampling some of the offerings from around the area.

We begin with two West Bank eateries, located one block apart and catering to the same crowd of bearded, flannel-wearing indie music fans, but widely divergent in their ambiance and style.

The Wienery's Black Bean Burger (California cheeseburger style)
The Wienery's Black Bean Burger (California cheeseburger style)

We ordered the Wienery's black bean burger done California cheeseburger-style ($4.50), which admittedly undermines the fact that the burger itself is vegan.  The lettuce and tomato made the burger more texturally interesting, however it still basically ended up tasting very much like a bean burrito.  The inclusion of mayonnaise added to the 'WTF?' factor.

The "patty" is quite mushy and could never be mistaken for actual meat.  The spices are pleasing, with a little kick, but this burger supports our theory that the Wienery is far more appealing to carnivores than to anyone else.

Acadia Cafe Black Bean Burger
Acadia Cafe Black Bean Burger

Acadia Café's Black Bean Burger ($7.55) comes topped with pepperjack melted over a healthy pile of jalapeno slices and smears of chipotle mayo and guacamole, besides the standard lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. The patty is quite soft and yielding and doesn't come close to approximating the consistency of ground meat.

The cheese was quite obviously of a higher grade than the cheese on the Wienery's bean burger, and the jalapenos added a pleasant texture and tang. The guacamole is mostly overpowered by the rest of the flavors, and one might not even notice the chipotle mayo's presence except on the menu card.

Winner: Acadia Cafe With more flavor and better ingredients, Acadia beats the Wienery. The Acadia's may be slightly more expensive, but consider that your $7.55 gets you an order of surprisingly scrumptious French fries as well. The Wienery's black bean burger comes solo, and the smallest order of fries would add $1.50 to the bill.

Do you have any other local burgers you'd like to see us cover this month?  Please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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