A vegan fast food joint will bring meatless burgers and plant-based BBQ to the MOA

Yep. That BBQ bad boy's vegan.

Yep. That BBQ bad boy's vegan. Earth Burger

You don't get to make fun of your vegan friends for eating rabbit food anymore.

I mean, you shouldn't have been doing that anyway. You jerk. But you have even fewer reasons to now, as more veg-friendly comfort food options spring up around town -- from the Herbivorous Butcher, which opened in Northeast last year, to J. Selby's in St. Paul, which was so popular when it debuted that it had to close and regroup to prepare for the vegetable-loving hordes. 

Clearly, there's a hunger for plant-based fare around here. Maybe that's how the San Antonio-based vegan fast food restaurant Earth Burger settled on the Mall of America for a new location as it expands beyond Texas.

Earth Burger will land on Level 3, South, according to a Thurdsay release from the Mall of America. (From PR coordinator Brett Burger, actually, who's sent us two burger-related MOA releases in just over a week -- first Wahlburgers, now this. Way to stay on brand, Brett!)

Bloomington is just the second-ever location for Earth Burger, which trades in meatless burgers, fish-less fish sammies, and faux chik-n tenders and wraps, along with fries, sides, and milk- and egg-free desserts. They also have corn dogs and BBQ, and there are kosher and gluten-free options on the menu to boot. 

Earth Burger was established in 2014, and its website boasts that it was Texas' first plant-based fast food restaurant. Their sign/vibe kind of reminds me of Toy Story's Pizza Planet, which is cool. The release says they'll open in early 2018.