A Strip Mall Happy Hour Worth Your Time at Lyn 65: Burgers, Boozy Punch, Beer-and-a-Shot

The light at the end of this strip mall means great cocktails...

The light at the end of this strip mall means great cocktails...

Crossing over from Minneapolis into Richfield used to mean that your eating and grocery choices dipped severely in quality in a matter of blocks. Not so anymore. The Lyndale corridor just south of the city is changing the first-ring suburb's food culture with the new co-op and our happy hour pick, Alma-alum Ben Rients's Lyn 65.

It might seem odd to find tasty fare at the edge of a strip mall, and even weirder to find a fine cocktail program, but it's here. And to sweeten the deal, they've got a decent happy hour and a few extra drink deals late at night.

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Where: Two blocks south of the Crosstown Highway on Lyndale, Lyn 65 is easy to get to and has plenty of parking in front and to the left of the building. It's across the street from the Richfield liquor store and has large signage on the building so you can't miss it. When: The straight-up happy hour goes on Sunday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and the late night drink deals run Sunday through Tuesday, 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. What's the vibe: The bar is long and inviting and the dining room is decked out in wood tables and a few booths, making Lyn 65 like "Cheers" in Richfield (in all the best ways). It's casual, with a varied menu that will appeal to those seeking a burger and a PBR as well as those looking for a carrot coconut soup with lobster and a perfect Aviation.

What can I eat for $10 or less: The happy hour menu has only four food items, but they are all cheap. Ten bucks will get you a buttery, short rib blend burger, an arugula salad with roasted squash, mint, burrata, and lemon, or the very popular pulled pork torta. Four dollars gets you a plate of fries (the house-made ones are gluten-free).

What can I drink for $5 or less: Sure, there's $4 tap beer (Badger Hill IPA, Bent Paddle IPA, Harriet Belgian Ale, Surly Furious, and more) and $5 wine on tap, but the star here is the $5 punch option that changes regularly. We had a kick-ass milk punch made with lemon-peel infused brandy and skimmed of all curd (ask them how they make it). If you're out and about post-dinner on a Sunday night, the $5 nightly deal of a can and a nip (beer and a shot) is nice on your wallet. And if you spend $6, you can get a serious Old Fashioned or Sazerac. What's so good it's worth getting even though it's not a happy hour deal: The fried chicken is ridiculous. It's $20 but easily feeds two people and comes with coleslaw and grits to keep it real, despite its poached-in-duck-fat pedigree.

The deals are spelled out here

The deals are spelled out here

We know you hate the wait on the weekends to get in to Lyn 65... but we heard that they may take over the space next door to make room for more seating and a prep kitchen. Meanwhile, head over at happy hour and there's plenty of room to enjoy the deals.

Lyn 65 6439 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield 612-353-5501

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