A sneak peek at Kaiseki Furukawa's menu


Could this menu be a sneak peek into the upcoming Kaiseki Furukawa restaurant?

This fall, what is possibly the most esoteric restaurant the Midwest has ever seen is set to open in the old Origami space, and we got a glimpse of what a sample menu could look like. 

Kaiseki Furukawa will showcase the haute Japanese dining tradition kaiseki, a ceremonial, multi-course drama unfolding over a couple of hours. The cooking is highly seasonal, ritualistic, and has its roots in ancient Japanese temple and samurai traditions. 

We've never had the pleasure of partaking in anything like it, though there are a few establishments of its kind in other large U.S. cities. Minneapolis' is due to land around October. 

The chef responsible for all of this buzz is Shigeyuki Furukawa, who has done important Japanese cooking in Tokyo, Kyoto, and New York, and locally at Origami prior to its shuttering. 

Furukawa recently cooked a Chef's Table communal dinner at Upton 43, and a tipster sent us the menu.  

While Furukawa's menus will inherently be a constantly changing animal, it's exciting to see this little glimpse into the culinary mind responsible for what will likely be the most ambitious Minneapolis restaurant we've seen up to this point. 

Kaiseki Furukawa opens this fall

30 N. First St., Minneapolis 

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