A second location for Babani's, the oldest Kurdish restaurant in the country


Billing themselves as the first Kurdish restaurant in the U.S., Babani's has been doing a quiet business in an unfortunate location overlooking the highway since 1997. The unassuming lower level of the brownstone building they occupy can't begin to tell the tale of the home cooked delights within.

Babani's style of Kurdish cuisine is the very epitome of family-style cooking. You'll find many of the hallmarks of Middle Eastern cooking: beans and legumes, good olive oil, rice, eggplant, stuffed grape leaves, tabouleh, simple soups and salads, kebabs, lots more. 

All scratch, all fresh, all the time, Babani's is delicious, and at long last, they're getting a second location. Better yet, the new spot will be landing on the south side of the Wabasha Street Bridge, an underserved part of St. Paul where there are currently very few eateries save for a Subway, a small deli, and Joseph's Grill. 

The restaurant is scheduled to open around the beginning of September in a space next to Joseph's. 

Second location opens around September 
Wabasha St. S., St. Paul