A Recipe for a Perfect Cheesy Weekend Getaway


What's better than the combination of wine and the great outdoors? The addition of cheese crafted by certified master cheesemaker Scott Erickson will take things to a still higher level. Lovers of cheese (goat cheese in particular, but there are some cheddars and truffle-infused numbers that'll definitely raise some eyebrows) should head on out to the wine tasting at the Bass Lake Cheese Factory this Saturday.

It runs from 1 to 5 p.m., and promises a series of taste pairings fine enough to match this week's weather.

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite, courtesy of photographer/my wife Becca Dilley:

First, some butter jack cheese with cinnamon:

Second, a shot of (a small bit of) the extensive cheese array at the Bass Lake shop:

Finally, some of the Finnish-style "bread cheese" that Bass Lake has become well-known for:


All this is accessible by driving east on 94, and taking Highway 12 north (exit 4 in Wisconsin). From there, drive through Burkhardt and take a left on county road I. Bass Lake's sign will pop up on your left. Total travel time's about an hour.

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