A purveyor of 'inspired donuts,' and 4 other new and coming soon restaurants and bars

Get ready for more skyway donuts. Fancy ones.

Get ready for more skyway donuts. Fancy ones. Getty Images/Monkey Business

Cardigan Donuts, “inspired” donuts are coming to the skyway

If you thought the gourmet donut craze was on the decline, you were wrong. Cardigan Donuts is coming soon to the City Center Skyway with traditional, upscale, and "inspired" donuts, in case upscale is not quite enough for your trendy donut barometer.

There will be 10 rotating varieties, and if “cardigan” sounds snooty, don’t worry about it. The reference is supposed to be about “comfort, warmth, and welcome,” reports the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal.

Scheduled opening date is May
Skyway level of City Center
40 S. Seventh St., Minneapolis

Minnetonka’s Station Pizzeria is now open
Restaurateur and real estate mogul Ryan Burnet has been on an opening spree, with new concepts including Crisp and Green, the grab-and-go salad place in Wayzata, and Station Pizzeria in an old Minnetonka gas station.

Both are now open, with more locations of Crisp and Green coming soon. The pizza is supposed to be the kind that will still be great if you take it out, and they’ve devised a “stay warm” carside delivery service for winter, and a walk-up window for summer.

Chef David Ellis hails from Italian great Bar La Grassa (also Burnet’s), so he’s got a solid pedigree. Most of the pizza menu looks to be made up of classic stuff, except we spotted one pie with Thai sausage and chiles and another with Mexican toppings including arbol sauce. Beer, wine, salads, and a few apps that include the famous Dayton’s popovers (reason enough to head over) round out the menu.

Now open
13008 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka

Baja Sol is open in the St. Paul Skyway
Baja Sol, that sweet little grab-and-go taqueria chain, has opened a St. Paul skyway location in U.S. Bank Center. If you have one of these near your home or job, you know they can be a godsend because they’re pretty good, cheap, and fast when you’re on the move. And you’re always on the move in the skyway, so eat tacos while you’re there. Don’t forget the free warm tortilla chips, too. 

101 E. Fifth St., St. Paul

Mall of America will be home to CMX movie theaters with gourmet food and drink
It’s taken American cinemas about a generation to catch up to the way Europeans do movies. Remember Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Ficton talking about getting beer at a movie theater in Amsterdam? “I don't mean just like in no paper cup, I'm talking about a glass of beer.”

Well, Mall of America is getting a fancy CMX theater with “gourmet” food and drink selections. No word on exactly what the menu will include, but we’re willing to gamble glasses of beer will be on the list. Also, we hear wine, cocktails, and an onsite mixologist.

Opens around fall of 2017
Mall of America
60 E. Broadway, Bloomington

And don’t forget that Bearcat Bar opens today...
We’re pretty excited that Third Bird on Loring Park is making way for Bearcat Bar, billed as an affordable drinking and eating place. Yes, yes, there will be arcade games, but more importantly, affordable drinking! Downtown and Uptown are a little light on relaxed spots to drink right now, and we could use a place to stomp into wearing our snow boots and not feel weird.

We’re also excited for the comeback of Nick O’Leary, who was briefly in Chicago for a gig with Smack Shack. You know him best as the dude who made Borough the briefly amazing restaurant that it was. He’s now culinary director for restaurateur Kim Bartmann’s empire, so that could mean big things for her huge fleet of places, including the upcoming Trapeze champagne bar that’s going in next to Barbette.

Watch for that announcement in another roundup!  

1612 Harmon Pl., Minneapolis