A New New Bohemia Opening Next Month in Golden Valley


When it comes to good beer and finer meats, it can seem like city dwellers have all the fun. That's about to change.

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You can't swing a beer stein in St. Paul or Minneapolis without running into a tap line poised to fill it. But Northeast beerhall New Bohemia is coming to the rescue of thirsty suburbanites this December when it opens its second location in Golden Valley.

The first northeast Minneapolis location specializes in local craft beer and specialty "exotic" sausages for the edible side of the equation. If you don't think alligator or rattlesnake when you think sausage, classic brats are also available, or you could split the difference with a wild boar version.

At New Bohemia, the focus is on local and limited releases, with about 30 brews on tap from Minnesota. Can't decide? Order up to five 6-ounce pours between 5 and 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday for just a dime apiece.

Watch for the opening sometime in early December.

New Bohemia 8040 Olson Memorial Highway