A Liquor Store for the Midway Target?


In an effort to shorten your errands list by one all-important stop, Target is proposing a liquor store inside its Midway store in St. Paul.

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But before you get excited about grabbing a handle of gin along with the Charmin and the Aquafresh, Target will have to go through a public approval process as well as determine whether it's too close to existing liquor stores in the area -- namely, Big Top Liquor at Snelling and University (city ordinances say liquor stores must be at least a half mile from one another).

The majority of Target stores across the country have liquor stores, but Minnesota only recently added its first, at the Otsego SuperTarget.

If the proposal passes, the liquor store will have a separate entrance from the rest of the store and would be located where the snack bar area currently sits.

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