98: Giant Pretzel at New Bohemia

Everybody's got their favorite drunk food, and sometimes you don't even have to be inebriated to want it (ahem... we'll see you later, Taco Bell's Cheesy Gordita Crunch). But a little (growing bigger every day) sausage and beer joint in Northeast has become a very respectable drunk and not-so-drunk favorite of ours for an after-hours nosh -- and more specifically, an after-hours pretzel.

For the record, we do admit that mother always told us to "never eat something bigger than your head." But how are we supposed to remember that kind of sage advice when we've just spent our evening throwing back some beers with friends? And so, we stumble our way to New Bohemia.

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New Bohemia, known for its pretty incredible list of sausages (including unique options with rattlesnake and rabbit) and impressive beer list, also features a giant pretzel on the menu. And we admit, we did a double take the first time we saw it. Fourteen bucks for a pretzel? This pretzel better be the size of Wisconsin. And by golly -- it nearly is!

We settle ourselves into the indoor-beer-garden set-up, sitting at a long table that we share with a few other groups of folks. A few agonizing minutes later, the carbohydrate monstrosity arrives at our table. The gargantuan pretzel is served on a baking sheet (gotta love that utilitarian presentation), gleaming golden brown, shiny, and salt speckled. A variety of mustards allow for all kinds of taste testing, but the pretzel also comes with a large cup of pepperjack cheese dip. The pretzel itself is thick, fluffy, and absolutely larger than our heads... maybe even combined.

A while back, it was simply served as a loaf of pretzel bread, which we found a little insulting. C'mon! We're not going to eat a whole loaf of bread at 1 in the morning (Who are we kidding? Of course we will.) It just seems so much daintier when the loaf is twisted into a pleasing pretzel shape that we can pick apart like hungry crows and dunk into the decadent cheese sauce that we would absolutely slurp happily as a soup, given the opportunity. Luckily for us, the pretzel has recently reverted back to its old shape and we couldn't be happier.

As you may have gathered, this is a pretty big menu item. We think it's a proper size for approximately four to five people, but no judgment if you plan on taking the entire thing down yourself. In fact, we salute you.

New Bohemia's giant pretzel can be found on the corner of East Hennepin and University -- and apparently they're opening a new one in Golden Valley soon -- so now all of you suburbanites can enjoy getting carb-drunk in the comfort of your own neighborhood.

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