97: Kopplin's Breve

You are about to take your coffee snobbery to another level. You'll be ordering off the secret menu at one of the Twin Cities' most distinguished coffee shops.

Kopplin's, the Merriam Park coffee institution, has made its name with an amazing selection of beans and army of well-trained baristas. When it's time to expand our flavor palate, we visit and order a roast from a part of the world we've never tried before. And when the day is so cold that it calls for a liquid hug of farm-fresh cream and rich hearty espresso, we order the breve.

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At many a coffeeshop the breve is just an afterthought, snubbed and lonely without the flavors and dignity associated with its thinner older sister, the latte. But at Kopplin's they won't look at you sideways when you order this drink. They know how good it is and they'll respect you for knowing it, too.

The benefit of a breve over a latte is simple: the thickness and fat content of the milk. Sometimes when you're sipping a latte you feel like you are on your last sip when you are taking the first gulp. The 2% milk just vanishes into a frothy fog with no substance to coat the mouth. In the Kopplin's breve, the espresso flavor is interlaced in every creamy sip and the heft of the beverage means a lingering, rich coffee flavor.

Grab a latte when you're feeling like a coffee and you want to splurge with something a bit creamy. Grab a breve when you want to take a hot bath and eat coffeecake simultaneously but you're short on time.

Kopplin's Coffee 2038 Marshall Ave., St. Paul 651-698-0457

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