95: Crescent Moon's House Special Football-Shaped Pizza

We're with you, Mary Kate & Ashley: Give us pizza. Luckily for us, the Twin Cities has an abundance of pizza joints featuring pies of all shapes, sizes, and ingredients. And sometimes the best kind of pizza pops up where you least expect it -- at an Afghani bakery, for instance.

Admit it. You've driven past Crescent Moon Bakery numerous times (on Central Avenue or its other location on Como near the U of M campus), and maybe you've even done a few double takes (or quadruple takes -- Patrick Stewart can teach you how to do those here). Why does this Afghani bakery have so many signs about a football-shaped pizza?

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Soon, the intrigue becomes too much and you just have to see what's up. After all, the establishment has won quite a few awards, and you're up for an adventure.

Visiting the website is quite possibly one of our favorite parts of the experience, and it's nice to peruse the vast menu at your own pace. "WARNING: UNIQUE TASTE SENSATIONS" greets you in big red lettering, and there is the distinct possibility of getting distracted by the .gifs that the website designer peppered in masterfully (though we really miss the dancing robots so if those could come back soon, it would be greatly appreciated).

But don't get too caught up on the website, because you're going to need to get your tush off the couch to enjoy this pizza. Dining in the restaurant is crucial. Though pleasurable in take-out form, this pizza shines in its fresh, just-out-of-the-oven glory. Also, the charming dining room is an incredible, baffling mix of elegant ballroom light fixtures and giant black and red leather booths that look like they were purchased from a bowling alley.

Once you make your way to the establishment, you'll be greeted with a large, laminated and bound menu offering plenty of delicious options, but in this instance, skip ahead to the pizza. There are two categories of pizza listed, but the Football pizza is best. It's not just the shape that makes it different, but only the Football pizza can come "spicy" -- which doesn't necessarily mean hot, but offers those "unique taste sensations" that the website was advertising.

We think the House Special option is the tops, with Afghani beef, onions, and green peppers atop a generous helping of cheese and tomato sauce. You've never tasted pizza like this before, and you may not ever go back to your old ways. Note: Before digging in, it's imperative to gather the three sauces, often located on the table that has extra plates, napkins, etc. One green, one white, and one red, all three varieties are spicy and flavorful. Test each one and find a combination that suits your tastes and indulge!

Pro-tip: If you're in a bind and can't dine in the restaurant, we would suggest purchasing a few of their frozen pizzas if they have any stocked in the freezer (typically a hit or miss type of situation). It won't be as delicious as the real thing, but it can certainly tide you over until you're able to make another trip.

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