94: Buffalo Tots at the Blue Door Pub

It's so simple! Take high quality tots and give them a short bath in buffalo heaven. The result is a crispy flavor blast that turns a tub of workaday starch into a steam room of spicy bites.

But remember, before you visit, be sure to practice your hard-of-hearing routine, for when your friends ask if they can try one of your tots. We recommend the vacant stare or answering a different question like, "No, you can't buy one of my spots."

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A lot of diners get tunnel vision at the Blue Door Pub. A diner might find a Blucy so good on that first visit that they never venture further into the menu. But the joke is on them. The Blue Door Pub delivers amazing wings, solid salads, and a variety of fried appetizers that might keep you off the stuffed burger train for a couple of visits.

For pure simplicity and taste, the buffalo tots are tough to beat. Most dishes that start with the word "buffalo" and don't end in "wing" are terrible. They end up being an overly soaked protein or carbohydrate and remind you bite after uneven bite that you could have made something this shitty at home. The dish in question at Blue Door Pub is cut from a different tot.

The team in the kitchen works up a homemade buffalo sauce that is built around the hot sauce that started the wing craze: Frank's. Unlike a lot of wing sauces, Blue Door's isn't that heavy. The comparative lightness of the sauce is essential when adorning something as vulnerable to over-saucing as a tater tot. With an oily sauce, the tots wouldn't retain any of their starchy resilience. But with this heady mix, each evenly sauced tot still crunches like a tot but carries the peppery, vinegary taste of a good buffalo wing.

When you order your buffalo tots your server will ask if you would like blue cheese or ranch as a side. Although we see the benefit in both options for most buffalo-based dishes, we have to recommend blue cheese for this one. The Blue Door's blue cheese isn't crazy chunky, so it ends up offering a slightly more mild cooling effect than the ranch.

Pro-tip: At $5 a basket these won't ever set you back too much change, but from 2 to 5 p.m. seven days a week they're $2.50 at the Blue Door Longfellow location.

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