92: Mac's Industrial Tuna Melt

Hidden in a multi-page menu among almost every variation of salad/sandwich and app known to man, the tuna melt at Mac's Industrial is one of the best-kept sandwich secrets in the Twin Cities.

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Sometimes a tuna melt feels like just a haphazardly heated tuna sandwich. Get that tuna sandwich off the grill! If I wanted to go to a Subway I would've just taken a sleeping pill and waited for that desire to vacate my soul.

The right tuna melt holds high quality tuna, cheese, and additional ingredients inside crispy walls of bread. When it's done right the bites are a uniform combo of hot crispy bread next to slightly cooler tuna. It's a tall order and hard to pull off time and time again, but Mac's meets the challenge.

Mac's gets its white bread grilled up right and adds a bit of cajun spice on one side for a little extra flavor that doesn't overpower. The tuna is sashimi grade -- quite the coup considering its final resting place is tossed in mayonnaise on a $10 sandwich. But you can taste the difference: This tuna has never seen the inside of a can and that comes across in freshness and flavor. The corn niblets, onions, and bits of red pepper add some crunch, and the deliciously melty cheese is a nod to the gluttony that keeps tuna melts off "the lighter side" section of any menu.

If you're heading to Mac's you'll have your pick of 17 different side options, which is dizzying to say the least. They aren't all slam dunks and we recommend sticking to the classics. Grab the tater tots or the potato salad and dig in to the best tuna melt in town.

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