9 restaurants where you can get Thanksgiving pies made by the pros

A pie from Bellecour gets you one step closer to a James Beard Award-winning Thanksgiving spread.

A pie from Bellecour gets you one step closer to a James Beard Award-winning Thanksgiving spread. Instagram: @bellecourmn

The turkey gets all the glory on the Thanksgiving table. But let’s not forget about the eleven-o’clock-number that is dessert: a time for everyone to rally, pants loosened and eyelids dropping, to tuck into a few more bites of autumnal deliciousness.

Of course, after making a turkey and all those sides, you might want a bit of a break. That’s where these bakeries, restaurants, and co-ops step in. Pre-order your Thanksgiving dessert today, and save yourself some stress next week. (Remember, Thanksgiving is early this year!)

Gavin Kaysen, Diane Yang, and the rest of their accomplished team may not be in your kitchen whipping up a feast worthy of a James Beard Award, but you can nab some of the magic for your gathering with a pie or baked goods from Bellecour. Go with a classic pumpkin pie (also available gluten-free) or get luxe with a French silk pie covered in beautiful waves of chocolate. If you’re going for a bit more of a rustic look, the cranberry crisp would cinch it. Bellecour is also offering assorted pastries, rolls, and baguettes to complete your meal. Order here and pick up at Bellecour November 21. 739 Lake St. E., Wayzata, 952-444-5200

Mississippi Market
Not only are all three Mississippi Market locations your one-stop shop for the savory side of Thanksgiving, you can also pre-order any of their four holiday pies. They have classics on the menu: apple, pumpkin, pecan, and French silk. All can be made gluten-free upon request, and the pumpkin can even be made vegan. Just give them a call at least two days before you need your pie fix. Multiple locations

Sift Gluten-Free
Sift has your Thanksgiving baked goods covered from breakfast to the last bite of the day. Nab some bake-at-home cinnamon rolls to perfume your home in the morning, a stuffing kit to get you started, cornbread muffins with scallions to sop up gravy, and a masala spice pumpkin pie for the final showstopper. For those who don’t like pie (monsters), Sift also has pumpkin bars and sea salt brownies. Did we mention that all of their goodies are gluten-free? Get your orders in by November 18 at 4 p.m., and pick up in person on November 21, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 4557 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, 612-503-5300

Dulceria Bakery
Sure, pumpkin pie is great. You can sweeten up a can of pumpkin and spread it into a graham cracker crust and call it a day—it’ll be delicious. But Dulce of Dulceria Bakery is digging a little deeper with her pie, sweetening it with piloncillo—Mexican brown sugar—and using organic red kabocha squash instead of the traditional pumpkin. Her other two Thanksgiving pies likewise provide spins on classics. An apple with pecan crumble is drizzled with cajeta, a caramel traditionally made with a base of goat’s milk. The plum hibiscus mixes rich plums with caramelized hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, and a hint of orange. (Or, go for a gluten-free cookie platter.) Place your order by 1 p.m. on November 18, and pick up at the store on November 21. 1839 42nd St. E., Minneapolis, 612-886-1180

The Buttered Tin

The Buttered Tin

Brake Bread
If your Thanksgiving meal is just a few folks or you’re flying solo, Brake Bread has a lovely pastry assortment that can be scaled up and down to suit your guest list and your taste buds. Just imagine the visual beauty of a platter of almond scones, babka spinners, blondies, pumpkin scones, and chocolate croissants. On the savory side, they have dinner rolls, batards, boules made with rye or coated in poppy seeds. Though Brake Bread often delivers orders via bike, for your Thanksgiving baked goods, you’ll have to head to the store on November 21. Order by November 18! 1174 Seventh St. W., St. Paul, 651-300-9136

Hi-Lo Diner
Hi-Lo’s diner-inspired pies are sure to delight on Thanksgiving, convincing even that one person who says, “Oh, I shouldn’t!” to have a slice. Who could resist black bottom banana cream? Or a bit of ginger pecan? Hi-Lo also has a pumpkin and an apple pie, so you can order whichever best suits your mood. Order at least 48 hours in advance, and pick up at the restaurant. 4020 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, 612-353-6568

The Buttered Tin
Be strong when faced with The Buttered Tin’s pie order form: You might briefly consider emptying your wallet to so you can try every one, size of your gathering be damned. With cherry, cranberry lime, pumpkin chiffon, chocolate pudding, banana cream, and more, how can you—a simple human made of a skin bag and fluids—be expected to choose? Eventually you’ll have to. Get those orders in by November 16, and pick up your pie at the store or have it delivered for an additional fee. (If you forget to pre-order, stop in on November 21 and see what they have.) 237 Seventh St. E., St. Paul, 651-224-2300

In addition to some savory offerings made with organic ingredients—like gluten-free stuffing made with Red Lake Nations wild rice, slaw with cranberry vinaigrette, and mashed purple potatoes—the new Brim in Uptown has gluten-free desserts to cap off your meal. Your desserts can also be made vegan upon request. Choose from the salty date cake, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. Order now and pick up at the store on November 20 or 21. 2919 Knox Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-261-0506

Dorothy Ann Bakery & Cafe
Sure, pie is practically expected at the Thanksgiving table, but Dorothy Ann goes ahead and makes a cheesecake. A pumpkin caramel cheesecake. Then, there are the trompe l’oeil cookie cakes decorated to look like pies. And, yes, don’t worry, there are still plenty of tempting classics to satiate purists: blueberry, pecan, chocolate silk, peanut butter, and two kinds each of apple and pumpkin. It’s kind of like pie heaven over there. Dorothy Ann knows what’s up. Order online, and pick up at the store. 710 Commerce Dr., Ste. 100, Woodbury, 651-731-3323