9 restaurants to try if you're already sick of your resolution to eat healthy

Smoky barbecued beets over heirloom grits: available on Fig + Farro's now entirely plant-based menu

Smoky barbecued beets over heirloom grits: available on Fig + Farro's now entirely plant-based menu Fig + Farro

You started 2019 with the best of intentions. This would be the year, you resolved, that you'd get enough sleep, go to the gym consistently, and eat vegetables other than French fries.

Now that we’ve hit the second week of January, you’re starting to lose some steam—this whole healthy living thing is tougher than it looks on Instagram. Unfortunately, we can’t help you get eight hours of sleep or hit the treadmill. But we can give you some healthy restaurant options that'll keep you on track with your food goals for the New Year.

Local favorites for healthy fare

Fig + Farro
Uptown's formerly vegetarian restaurant recently transitioned to a completely plant-based menu while maintaining its focus on globally inspired comfort food. Veggie-centric entrees include kimchi hot pot and barbecued beets served with grits and braised greens. 3001 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-208-0609,

Whole Sum Kitchen
This food-truck-turned-cafe offers nutritious options all day long, with plenty for vegetarians and vegans. At breakfast, choose from overnight oats, chia parfaits, and acai or smoothie bowls. The lunch and dinner menu features salads, wraps, and quinoa or brown rice bowls. Nourishing beverage options include fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and wellness shots. 824 W. 50th St., Minneapolis; 612-545-5687,

Sprout Salad
Sure, a salad is the default good-for-you option, but there’s no need to settle for limp greens and lackluster dressing. Sprout’s three Minneapolis and St. Paul locations offer a lineup of salads with fresh, sustainable ingredients like wild salmon and organic quinoa, plus housemade dressings. There’s even an “umami” section of the menu, with satisfying picks like the K-Town, with grilled steak, kimchi, and a spicy gochujang vinaigrette. Multiple locations,

Herbivorous Butcher vegan chorizo tacos at Agra Culture

Herbivorous Butcher vegan chorizo tacos at Agra Culture Facebook: Agra Culture Kitchen

Agra Culture
The Minneapolis mini-chain has a slew of clearly labeled vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo selections, ranging from breakfast burritos and quinoa porridge to flatbreads and tacos. As the restaurant’s name implies, vegetables are woven throughout the menu, and the cilantro brown rice is a tasty way to get in some whole grains. Multiple locations,

Birchwood Cafe
Thanks to a locally sourced menu that changes eight times per year, there’s always something new to try at Birchwood, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or all about the sustainably sourced meat. The brunch menu also stands out for its wholesome options, like a tofu hash, vegetable scramble, and turkey sausage. 3311 E. 25th St., Minneapolis; 612-722-4474,

Chain restaurants with new healthy menu options

A chain specializing in cheese-laden deep dish pizza? Probably not the first thing that springs to mind when looking for wholesome options. But at Giordano's, there’s a new “Lighter Fare Menu” with lower calorie items. The Mediterranean kale and grilled buffalo chicken salads clock in at just under 500 calories each, and the skinny chicken arrabiata flatbread is topped with fresh arugula and baby heirloom tomatoes.

Chipotle's new "lifestyle bowls": We're sure they look exactly like this when you order them.

Chipotle's new "lifestyle bowls": We're sure they look exactly like this when you order them. Chipotle

Whether you’re gluten-free, looking to cut carbs, or just want to eat more more vegetables, any of Wildfire’s pizzas can be ordered with a cauliflower crust. And vitamin-rich toppings include fresh tomato with basil, pepperoni, or wild mushroom and goat cheese.

Wondering whether your meal meets the guidelines of your new diet? The iconic fast-casual chain is making it easy with a lineup of new “lifestyle bowls” tailored to the latest trends. The paleo and Whole30 salad bowls feature meat, vegetables, and salsa, while the keto salad bowl includes cheese. (We’re not exactly sure which nutrition plan the double protein bowl fits into... but far be it from us to turn down rice, beans, and a full portion each of steak and chicken.) The new bowls are available through Chipotle’s mobile app or website for in-restaurant pickup or delivery.

Caribou Coffee
The Minnesota-based coffee chain has made it easier to resist the siren song of the pastry case: Their new souffles are made with cage-free eggs (bacon and gouda or spinach and mushroom). There are also some new menu items for those with dietary restrictions, including dairy-free coconut milk lattes and gluten-free breakfast sandwiches.