82: Pollo Tacos at Las Teresitas


As a general rule, when ordering at a taqueria, the fattier meat is often the best choice. The beauty of a classic taco (meat, onion, and cilantro on a corn tortilla) is that it allows the individual ingredients to stand out. Milder meats, like say chicken, can be a gamble. It takes a certain blend of mouthwatering oils and spices to get perfection, and sometimes the chicken is dry or, worse, rubbery, and it brings the tortilla and its other contents down with it.

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Las Teresitas knows chicken, and their house pollo is grilled and moist, bountiful and filling. The meat is lightly seasoned, with the grill flavors doing the heavy lifting. While their tacos are just 4 inches in diameter, they pile on the meats and sprinkle the finished product with the classic chopped onion and cilantro.

The juices from the meat soak into the tortilla, making it soft and pliable. Paired with the sweet crunch of raw white onion and the grassy fresh cilantro, it's a crunchy and satisfying snack, or multiplied for a hearty meal. Be sure to cruise that lovely salsa bar to customize your taco experience.

Las Teresitas has a full menu, so there's always a chance a specialty dish might catch your eye. Get a pollo taco on the side in that case -- just for good measure.

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