8 new and coming soon restaurants

Tori Ramen will not serve pork broth. But judging from this picture, we think they'll do just fine.

Tori Ramen will not serve pork broth. But judging from this picture, we think they'll do just fine. Photo courtesy of Tori Ramen Facebook Page.

Rounding up the new additions to our restaurant scene.

Fighting Soo
Sports tie-ins are popping up with new restaurants all over the place lately, including the underwhemling Lou Nanne’s, Herbie’s on the Park, and the upcoming Randle’s that will take over the Ling & Louie’s space on Nicollet Mall. The latest will be Fighting Soo, planned to go into the West Seventh neighborhood in St. Paul. In addition to a casual menu of sandwiches, burgers, and chicken wings, the restaurant will also serve stuffed chicken sandwiches a la Jucy Lucys, and hopes to be a hub for the nearby Children’s Hospital as well as hockey fans by night. Ower Imran Kahn says charitable giving will be a major piece of his business plan, reports Nancy Ngo of the Pioneer Press.

Projected opening date spring of 2017
210 Grand Ave., St. Paul

First Giordano’s got Chicagoland fans and transplants all atwitter, and now Portillo’s has applied for a business license in Woodbury. The drive-in restaurant is known for its Italian-style beef sandwiches and Chicago-style hot dogs. The owners are still waiting on approval from the city, so there is no projected opening date, yet.

Raising Cane’s
Since Chicago’s beloved chains are eyeing our town, why shouldn't Louisiana's, too? Raising Cane’s is a Baton Rouge-based chain serving fried chicken fingers, crinkle cut fries, and a beloved secret sauce. Don’t forget to ask for your Louisiana Hot Sauce packets when you order. The fourth Twin Cities location opens in Blaine before the end of the year.

1560 109th Ave. N.E., Blaine
Three other locations throughout the metro

LOLO American Kitchen at the MSP Airport
Culled from the term “locally made and locally operated” this Stillwater-based restaurant now has another location inside of Terminal 1 of the MSP Airport. The new location is a part of a massive plan to update the airport, which includes the construction of 50 new restaurants and retail venues. LoLo serves an eclectic menu of burgers, tacos, and dogs, as well as entrees like seared duck breast. A craft cocktail bar with local booze labels and breweries is also part of the biz plan.

Now open.
MSP International Airport
Terminal 1 Lindbergh
LoLo, Concourse E, Near Gate 10

Penny’s Coffee 
They promised a “design-driven” coffee shop and they didn’t disappoint. The group behind Penny’s Coffee on Washington Avenue was rather hush-hush in its lead-up to opening their stunning new space, and now we see why: They wanted a big reveal. Soaring ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and marble countertops are just a few of the design elements that will have you clamoring for table space and a laptop outlet. It looks more like a bank lobby than a place to buy coffee. Oh, yeah, the coffee: local roaster Spyhouse and nationally-touted La Colombe round out the bean selection. Also: Nutella crepes are part of the snack selection.

Now open.
100 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis

Tori Ramen
The long-anticipated Tori Ramen is adding to our growing roster of ramen restaurants. Owner and chef Jason Dorweiler is the former chef of Unideli at United Noodles, and he says he plans to only serve pork-free ramen at Tori. Their broth will be made from organic chickens, but they’ll also use duck and even the occasional pheasant when in season.

Now open.
161 Victoria St,. St. Paul

Rise Bagels
When we cast about to identify what’s missing from our local dining scene, bagels often rise to the top of that list. But the sisters of Rise bagels have been hard at work trying to change all of that, diligently working the farmer’s market circuit for the past couple of years. At long last, they’ve announced a storefront, where real and true bagel lovers can find the genuine articles that NYC and Montreal bagel lovers search (mostly in vain for) around here.

Opens in early 2017
530 N. 3rd St., Minneapolis

Radisson Red has gone over the top with its millennial-charged marketing, and we’ve already taken a few bemused jabs at its “social hive” (that’s a lobby to you non-millennials) and its “curator” (that’s the General Manager for all you fuddy-duddies). The restaurant, OUIBar + KTCHN seems to have lost its vowels somewhere between the marketing department and here, and if you want to have a crack at finding them, you can do so when it opens on November 16. Menu highlights include Bacon Trail Mix, “Ham Tots” with bacon ketchup, “coffee couscous” with naan bread, and “British Street Tacos.”

It will be interesting to see how this confusing mashup of foodie buzzwords and (sometimes outdated) trends will come out in translation.

Opens November 16
609 3rd St. S., Minneapolis