8 Best Bets for Local Candy This Halloween

Don't let this happen to you.

Don't let this happen to you.

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to gorge yourself on fun-sized Snickers, Pixy Stix, and Skittles (but, hey, no judgement if you do). Check out the offerings from these Minnesota candy makers that will take your holiday to the sublime, whether you're watching Texas Chainsaw 3D, hosting a costumed bash, or making a midnight trip to a haunted graveyard.

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Two Ravens Chocolate Where it's made: Oakdale Two Ravens Chocolate takes local up a notch by not only crafting to-die-for chocolate bars but actually making the chocolate itself. They source certified-organic, certified-fair-trade cacao beans and make the chocolate in small batches, using only two other ingredients -- cocoa butter and cane sugar. One taste and you may never have eyes for a Hershey bar again. Where to buy: Sugar Sugar in Minneapolis

Sweet Jules Caramels Where they're made: St. Joseph You really can't get much sweeter than two sisters from St. Joseph who went into the caramel-making business together. If you're pressed for time before having people over, skip making dessert and just put out a bowl of these beauties. The sisters make about a dozen different flavors, including Farm Apple Spice for fall and Pub Crawl caramels made with Minnesota beers. Where to buy: Order online from Sweet Jules or at Sugar Sugar in Minneapolis

B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bites Where they're made: Minneapolis The Chocolate Bite is the artisan's answer to the fun-sized candy bar: so small you can't really feel guilty, yet so delicious you feel indulged. Bites are available in five different flavors, so of course you need to try them all (who wouldn't be curious about a chocolate called a Salty Dog?) and now you can when you buy one of the mixed bags offered by Golden Fig in St. Paul just for Halloween. Bring them to work on the 31st and you'll be the office hero! Where to buy: Golden Fig in St. Paul

Mademoiselle Miel Honey Bon Bons Where they're made: St. Paul "From the rooftops of beautiful St. Paul the beekeeper and chocolatier Mademoiselle Miel collects honey to create distinctive honey bon-bons." While this may sound like a Halloween fairy tale, we can assure you that these dark chocolates filled with honey cream and topped with edible gold leaf are as real as they are decadent. Made for gods and monsters alike. Where to buy: Order online at the Mademoiselle Miel site or at Surdyk's in Minneapolis


Pearson's Salted Nut Rolls Where they're made: St. Paul You love a hometown Salted Nut Roll, but with so many goodies to try this Halloween you might not want to commit to the full-sized bar. Luckily, Pearson's has figured it out for you by making bags of bite-size bars for Halloween that will provide that bit of salty/sweet you need in order to dance all of "Thriller." (Yes, Nut Goodies and Bun Bars also come in bite-size!) Where to buy: Most area grocery stores or during the trick-or-treating at Pearson's Candy Company on Tuesday, October 28 as part of their 3rd Annual Halloween Celebration

Meadowlands Chocolate Where it's made: Meadowlands There are just so many things to love about Meadowlands Chocolate, made by Clyo Howard and Beryl Wells Hamilton. Their chocolate bars are a labor of love, crafted in small batches in a kitchen they rent from St. Mary's Catholic Church in Meadowlands. They use only cocoa beans that are ethically harvested and fairly traded and name their bars after the countries where the beans were harvested: Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Best of all, in true 21st-century-style, they got the seed money for their company through a Kickstarter campaign funded by people who love their chocolate. Try a four-pack of 1-ounce bars, go for the larger 2.5-ounce bar, or enjoy a selection of chocolate leaves in four varieties for fall. Where to buy: Online at the Meadowlands site, Sugar Sugar in Minneapolis, Linden Hills Co-op in Minneapolis

Abdallah Caramel Apples Where they're made: Burnsville Sure, caramel apples abound during this season, but if you want one done right, check out the offerings from Abdallah candy company. The secret is in the superior caramel, made with real cream and wrapped around a tart Granny Smith apple, with or without nuts. If you need to go off by yourself to enjoy this treat in solitude, we understand. Not up for getting your face all caramelized? Check out their caramel dip for a more refined experience. Where to buy: Kowalski's Markets

Groveland Confections' Gooey Pretzels Where they're made: Minnetonka If you're the plan-ahead sort, you might want to purchase Groveland Confections' Gooey Pretzels before you head out for Halloween night so that you have a convenient on-the-go treat with an edible handle that's the perfect snack as you walk from bar to party. This chocolatey goodness is built around a pretzel stick but is the size of a drumstick. Also check out Groveland's other handmade chocolates, including their famous Sea Salt Caramel Bars and Roasted Pecan Toffee. Where to buy: Kowalski's Markets

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