72: Dr. IPA at Public Kitchen & Bar

The Dr. will see you now, or any time you're thirsty

The Dr. will see you now, or any time you're thirsty

Along with forties of Icehouse and Alabama Slammers, Dr. McGillicuddy's saccharine brand of mint, grape, and (shudder) black licorice schnapps ranks pretty high on the list of things you'll likely never drink again after you graduate from college. But for this refreshing, cherry-tinged beer cocktail at Public Kitchen & Bar in Lowertown St. Paul, we're willing to make an exception.

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Public's bar team takes soapy IPA and matches it with the unlikely partner of pineapple and orange juice over ice, adds a shot of cherry McGillicuddy's, and a bunch of fresh mint for garnish. It's bitter meets tropical, cocktail-like enough for sipping, but overall light enough to order two. You can get it made with any IPA on tap, but in testing the best pairing was the Lift Bridge Hop Dish, which is more citrusy than Surly Furious.

In truth this tipple is probably best enjoyed on the sunny patio overlooking Mears Park, but until the seasons change you can happily make do with drinking it in Public Kitchen's beautiful bar area or lower level lounge.

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