7-Eleven releases its own ... wine?


Not that a line of 7-Eleven anything would seem normal (or palatable) exactly, but it would have been less surprising if it had been, say, a candy bar, microwave popcorn, or some type of hot dog/egg roll combo.

At least the price point seems 7-Eleven-ish: At $3.99 a bottle, the convenience store chain's new line of wine -- a chardonnay and a cabernet sauvignon -- shows it hasn't forgotten who it is.

YumSugar says, "The Chardonnay is described as having notes of apricot and peach, while the Cabernet will have 'juicy plum overtones.'"

Released last week, the California wines will sell under the distinctly "I'm cheap wine" (a.k.a. "I'm a road in a suburban enclave") name "Yosemite Road." Too bad (?) we've gotta go all the way to Chicago (or Canada) to get some.

Probably just gonna stick with Slurpees though, frankly.