612Brew: A preview of the new Northeast taproom, opening Wednesday

A room with a view, the brewery at the new 612Brew
A room with a view, the brewery at the new 612Brew

The local brew boom continues with another brewery opening its doors this week. Before the crowds form at this sweet spot for sipping, we were given a tour and a taste of not just the beer but the food 612Brew will soon be serving.

The building is just off Broadway Street and Central Avenue in Northeast Park, Minneapolis. It's tucked off the busy intersection and below street level. When the weather warms up, an expanded green space will be available for lounging, complete with giant bricks reclaimed from the historic Metropolitan building. It's a little slice of lost Twin Cities (find out more about that


).  The taproom's clear garage door will roll back and allow guests to enjoy the warmer months. It's nice to imagine that it won't be long before those days return.

Until then, the room is warm and inviting. A large mural by Adam Turman dominates the main wall with an inviting young lass.

The bar is made with reclaimed wood, including a top from an old bowling alley. There will be plenty of taps and staff to ensure speedy delivery of the beer, because it is all about their craft brews.  

Set 'em up and knock 'em down
Set 'em up and knock 'em down

We sampled the Bitter Cold and Rated R. The Bitter Cold is brewed with just one hop and a single malt. It has an incredible amount of depth in the flavor for being so "simply" brewed. It begins floral, then hits you with an enjoyable, bracing crispness, just like a good Minnesota winter. The Rated R is a West Coast IPA meets Midwest Rye, and she is one sexy blonde, with a subtle little whisper of lemony orange taste and a curvy, full body. We can't wait to get a taste of their Mary Ann, packed with ginger.

The new breweries have been wise to pair with food trucks, and 612Brew will have a truck on site, serving food every day they are open. The first truck, arriving at their grand opening tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13, will be Simply Steve's. He'll also be there Friday, serving some pork roasted with their Zero Hour and Rated R beer. Saturday and Sunday Melch's Meat Wagon will be peddling its carnivorous delights.

At some future date, this brewery will be doing something no one else in town is doing: It will have its own food. One of the owners comes from a food family: Adit Kalra's family owns Tandoor, and its food will be paired with the beer. We sampled a few bites, one flavor explosion after another. The toasted cumin-seed, curry-seasoned kebab was wrapped with tender onions and peppers inside a little naan, which made for perfect beer food.

Tantalizing Tandoor food
Tantalizing Tandoor food

945 Broadway St. NE, Minneapolis
612.217.0437; 612Brew website
Grand opening: February 13
Regular hours: Wednesday and Thursday 4-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 4-midnight

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