50 Ways to Eat Green


Bon Appetit ran this list in a recent "green" issue and while I might have made a few changes--was "Turn Off the Light when you leave the kitchen" really worth mentioning?--I think that, overall, it's a helpful remider that there are so many simple things you can do to become a more earth-minded eater. My favorite was number 44:

Take the Leftovers Sure, the restaurant will probably wrap the leftovers up in paper or plastic, but more fossil fuels went into the production of your chicken piccata than into the production of that doggie bag (some people go so far as to tote a freezer bag in their purse, but that's really a lifestyle choice that's up to you). Take the whole thing to work the next day for lunch, and all will be right with the world.

If I forget to bring my own takeout container to a restaurant (which, admittedly, is pretty much all of the time), I always feel a twinge of guilt toting leftovers home in styrofoam or plastic. Kudos to restaurateurs--Common Roots, La Chaya, and Harbor View to name a few--that offer compostable takout containers.