5 weirdest ways to serve turkey

Light meat or dark?

Light meat or dark?

Are you starting to tire of the traditional Thanksgiving celebrations--the predictable turkey and mashed potatoes, the same boring compliments about the food? Here are a few of the strangest ideas we've found for serving a turkey--guaranteed to spice up this year's festivities, stimulate dinner table conversation, and annoy those stuffy relatives you've never liked.

5. BIKINI TURKEY Now your Thanksgiving turkey can not only be delicious, it can even be sexy. A little well-placed foil can turn your bird into an object of desire (or at least amusement) and chase away the winter chill. For instructions on how to make one of your own, visit Dear Miss Mermaid.



More delicately known as "beer can turkey," this tried-and-true cooking method using half-filled cans of beer to keep your bird juicy and juiced. The Weber barbecue website has instructions for beer can chicken, with a variation for turkey at the bottom of the page. Here's another recipe from


It looks like a traditional Thanksgiving bird, but no animals were harmed--or even mildly annoyed--in making this strictly vegan turkey. Taste, of course, is another matter, and in this case it will probably be an acquired one. The ingredients: soybean fiber, soybean protein, vegetable protein, raw cane sugar, starch, soybean oil, natural vegan flavor (whatever that might be), sea salt, cinnamon powder, tofu skin. If that list makes your mouth water, you can order a vegan turkey from VegeUSA.



Have your turkey and eat it too, with this amazing layer cake, made with turkey breast, oats, Parmesan cheese, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and more. The full recipe is at, though the site offers one caveat--"Warning: This dish is not recommended for people who require an inch of space between food groups."


The Jones Soda Company is famous for its unusual soda flavors (bubble gum, candy corn, candy cane, bacon etc.). In 2003, the company came out with perhaps its weirdest ever: Turkey and Gravy soda. Even stranger, a lot of reviews said it wasn't half bad. In fact, the company later came out with a "Holiday Pack" of sodas, including not just Turkey and Gravy but Mashed Potato, Fruitcake, and Green Bean. Sadly, the line has been discontinued, but it's still easily be found on eBay.