5 things you should be eating this week

Do yourself all sorts of favors and get some.

Do yourself all sorts of favors and get some. Mecca Bos

Avocado toast from Rose Street Patisserie

Pillowy hills of whipped avocado riding atop some of America’s best toasted bread is a vegan breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or for no reason at all) treat. With shaved tomatoes and microgreens, you’re doing your body all sorts of favors with this wholesome creation. Not to mention you're enjoying a truly lavish pleasure from the guy who made the most prestigious cake in America.

2811 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis

Prosciutto and chevre crepe from Penny’s Coffee

Crepes are enjoying a bit of a trend moment in downtown Minneapolis -- we can think of about a half dozen places to get them including the new Crepes Up Delicious in the Canadian Pacific building and World Cafe in the Soo Line building. Newcomer Penny’s Coffee is upping the ante with super-premium additions like real Italian prosciutto and pesto; or a vegetarian delight of roasted Shiitake mushrooms. The beauty on the plate competes only with Penny's posh interior, arguably the prettiest place we’ve ever sipped coffee in locally.

100 Washington Ave., Minneapolis

Curry with black rice and chickpeas from Paisley Park Kitchen

If touring Paisley Park isn’t salve enough to make you feel closer to Prince in his passing, how about eating what he ate? His personal chefs have whipped up a Paisley Park Kitchen menu, where some Prince’s most requested dishes are available to us mortals. This curry with black rice and chickpeas was a comfort food for the artist, say Ray and Juell Roberts, his loyal chefs. Both complex and beautiful to gaze upon, it can be something of a comfort to you, too.

Paisley Park Kitchen menu items are available for purchase after official Paisley Park tours. 
7801 Audubon Rd., Chanhassen

Beef shawarma tacos from World Street Kitchen

Even with the vast array of global street foods that Sameh Wadi has reimagined and served at World Street Kitchen, he’s never served a single shawarma. Wadi has too much respect for that culinary tradition, and he’s not ready to go there -- yet. In the meantime, get these beef shawarma tacos. These are everything that’s great about a gyro, right down to the tahini, wrapped up in a corn tortilla for that signature international mashup. 

2743 Lyndale Ave., Minneapolis

Tacos from Maya Cuisine

Maya recently took home the gold in City Pages’ first annual Taco Throwdown at Iron Fork. Their beef al pastor taco with a super spicy green mango salsa was a wee but mighty force. Luckily, you needn’t be among the fortunate judges to get what Maya's cooking. This Northeast powerhouse thrums away indomitably on Central Avenue, day and night, with more permutations of tacos than you probably knew existed. And, this just in -- they’re eyeing some additional locations. Spreading the gospel of the finest tacos, one storefront at a time.

1840 Central Ave., Minneapolis